Ben Sommer

Ben Bladdi Sommer | #benbladdisommer


Dark and Light

„Without DARKness we cannot see the LIGHT“. That’s basically what this EP is all about. About life and love. Have a listen!


„They say home is where your heart is and I guess it’s true cause now I’m feelin‘ homeless without you.“ BEN SOMMER // Dark and Light // OUT NOW

Ben Sommer’s Coversongs

A playlist with a bunch of coversongs Ben did.


„…und was bleibt sind die SPUREN“. A song written by Jack Hanson and I had the honor to produce it. Have a listen.

This Kid Is Not Alright Pt. 2 feat. Jack Hanson

„Hope is gone. Gun to my head“. THIS KID IS NOT ALRIGHT Pt. 2 (Extended Version) feat. Jack Hanson.

Jack Hanson & Ben Sommer

A Jack Hanson & Ben Sommer Playlist. Started in march 2021.

Wellerman (Punk Rock Version)

A wonderful project with friends plus a version you’ve never heard before.


1st single released in 2020. Written for my fiancée. My rock, my love.

The Kids Aren’t Alright

Taken from Ben Sommer’s second album „Under The Influences…“ released in 2019.
Full album of 12 Coversongs only available on YouTube.


My first solo record released in 2018.